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The prestige of higher education at Pryazovskyi State Technical University is well known, both inside Ukraine and abroad. A degree from PSTU — which is a state educational institute with a Level IV (highest) Accreditation — assures graduates of employment with the leading enterprises of the country.

The University graduates are highly qualified specialists. They receive professional training with computer and language skills and specific knowledge in economics. They study under a highly competent faculty, with sound educational resources and new teaching technologies in line with the best practices at Ukrainian and European universities.

Prof.Vyacheslav S. Voloshyn, Rector


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Brief description of Mariupol

The City of Mariupol is situated in a picturesque area on the shores of the Sea of Azov. The climate here is moderate and continental, with mild winters and dry hot summers (average temperatures are –5 °С and + 27 °С). The city was founded more than 230 years ago and today numbers about 500 thousand inhabitants. Mariupol is one of the largest industrial localities in Ukraine with the main focus in metallurgy and machine-building. Steel products manufactured at its two iron and steel works, AZOVSTAL and ILYICH, are in demand worldwide. A machine-building factory, AZOVMASH, which is now on the rise, contributes to building up industrial capability of the city. Other companies of national significance operating in Mariupol are Commercial Port and Azov Shipping Company. The leading industrial enterprises of our city are the venues of practical and probation training of our students.

The factories offer wide opportunities for internships to the University students.

The business life of Mariupol is boosted by implementation of projects with participation of foreign investors. Among them are companies of the USA, Austria, Great Britain, France, Poland.

There is a good foundation for developing small and medium businesses. The residents and guests of the city can enjoy the International airport, a new marine passenger terminal, high-class hotels, modern sport centers, cinemas, clubs, the City Garden and parks, a new attraction park, squares and fountains.

Mariupol is also a cultural, educational and sport center of the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

Drama theatre, cinema halls, sport facilities, swimming pools and water stations, 3 higher educational institutions, youth clubs, public libraries, city parks, entertainment and attraction grounds are offered to and frequented by Mariupol residents.

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