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The prestige of higher education at Pryazovskyi State Technical University is well known, both inside Ukraine and abroad. A degree from PSTU — which is a state educational institute with a Level IV (highest) Accreditation — assures graduates of employment with the leading enterprises of the country.

The University graduates are highly qualified specialists. They receive professional training with computer and language skills and specific knowledge in economics. They study under a highly competent faculty, with sound educational resources and new teaching technologies in line with the best practices at Ukrainian and European universities.

Prof.Vyacheslav S. Voloshyn, Rector


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The department of Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals of
Priazovskiy State Technical University

is celebrating its 80th anniversary during a festive event on November 12, 2015

The department of Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals was founded in 1935 by the group of specialists of the “Illich ” Iron and Steel Works. Presently the department is a powerful scientifically-pedagogical complex, consisting of the educational and scientific laboratories of metallography, physics of metals, electronic microscopy, X-rays, mechanical and physical properties, equipped with up-to-date instruments.

Staff of the department, 1976

The teaching staff of the department includes 2 doctors of engineering sciences, professors and 5 candidates of engineering sciences, associate professors, three graduate students, skilled employees. For 80 years of its activity the department prepared  more than 3.000 specialists including for foreign countries who successfully work at  the enterprises of Ukraine and abroad: in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Canada, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, in Cuba, China and other countries. During 80 years 64 candidates and 8 doctors of engineering sciences were prepared.

Staff of the department, 1985

Scientific directions and scientific schools of the department are comprise theory of phase transformations, creation of the new multi-function self-strengthening at exploitation materials, theory and newest technologies, thermal, thermo-mechanical, thermal-chemical treatments. 
The scientists of the department published 13 textbooks and teaching aids and monographs, 1320 articles in scientific magazines, 210 patents and copyright certificates on inventions, were granted.

Staff of the department, 2015

The scientists of the department fulfill hundreds of scientific works, many of that are successfully implemented at many metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, and were recommended for the implementation in Germany, Egypt, Japan.

The department is an initiator and coordinator in Ukraine of international educational project TEMPUS «MMATENG» European Union of modernization of on-line tutorials on material engineering. The department maintains a successful cooperation  with colleagues from Belarus (State Scientific Institution «Physical-Technical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus»), Canada (Montreal University of «Concordia»), Japan (Muroran Institute of technology), Poland («Krakow polytechnic institute», «Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy», Warsaw; «Silesian University of Technology», Katowice), Croatia (Rijeka Technical university), Bulgaria (Technical university, Varna), Belgium (Catholic university, Leuven), Germany (Technical university, Berlin), China (Technological university, Chang-Chun), with International Federation on heat treatment and surface engineering – IFHTSE (London), with Egyptian society of heat treatment (Cairo).

The visit of the professor of Muroran Institute of Technology (Japan) Mr. K. Shimizu in PSTU, 2011
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