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The prestige of higher education at Pryazovskyi State Technical University is well known, both inside Ukraine and abroad. A degree from PSTU — which is a state educational institute with a Level IV (highest) Accreditation — assures graduates of employment with the leading enterprises of the country.

The University graduates are highly qualified specialists. They receive professional training with computer and language skills and specific knowledge in economics. They study under a highly competent faculty, with sound educational resources and new teaching technologies in line with the best practices at Ukrainian and European universities.

Prof.Vyacheslav S. Voloshyn, Rector


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Education System


Preparatory Department

Provides pre-university language and general engineering training. Period of studies is one year. Academic year begins in September-November and finishes in June. Main subjects include: the Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, biology, geography, country studies, history of Ukraine. Is completed with a Certificate which makes the students eligible to continue education at the University faculties or in other institutions of higher learning in Ukraine.

Degree programmes at PSTU faculties: B / S / M degrees

PSTU Faculties and Departments provide training in a variety of academic fields within bachelor and master degree programmes. Academic year begins on Sept 1 and finishes on June 30. Study programmes include fundamental and professionally-oriented disciplines; doing internships at companies within Mariupol. Bachelor degree (B) requires four years and is completed with a State Examination or Diploma Project, depending on the study programme. Degree of Specialist (S) requires one year (after receiving the bachelor's degree) and is completed with a Diploma Thesis or Project. Master's degree (M) requires one year (after receiving the bachelor's degree) and is completed with Master's Graduation Paper.

Post-graduate Department and Doctoral Programme

Foreign citizens are offered post-graduate programmes at PSTU to work on the thesis in fulfillment of the requirements to the degree of Candidate of Science (CandSc) and Doctor of Science (DSc).
For graduates of Ukrainian universities period of studies is normally three years with prior degree of a master or a specialist and a certificate from the Preparatory Department. For graduates from abroad period of studies is four years, including one year at Preparatory Department. The recognition procedure of the master degree received at the university abroad should be completed during the first year of studies. The degree programme is completed with a dissertation.
Doctorate (DSc)
Post-graduate students may work on a dissertation in some fields knowledge, but must defend it mostly elsewhere.
PSTU has Academic Council on defending candidate and doctoral dissertations and inferring academic titles of a candidate and doctor of science in some specific areas like economics, mechanics, metallurgy and transport, welding.

In case of any questions concerning Degree and Study Programmes for international students please address:
Prof. Sagirov, Dean
Tel: +380 629 446097
Mob: +380 96 307 9314
E-mail: sagirov1978@ukr.net
Valentina Belysh, Inspector
Tel: +380 629 446545
Fax: +380 629 529924
E-mail: indek@i.ua

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